How to Play Book of Ra Casino Slot

Book of Ra

The legendary game of Book of Ra has 3-row slots and five reels. It also has nine profit lines though none of them is fixed. Hence, the player has complete freedom to choose from how many profit lines he wants to play with. It also provides the flexibility of setting up the sum per profit line. It is this sum which gets multiplied with the actual number of activated profit lines to arrive at the figure of the bet per spin.

The Book of Ra slot machine also has an auto-play function which allows automatic rotations. This helps in saving a lot of time and hassle of pressing the start button again and again. You can also disable the autoplay function anytime by pressing the stop button.

To understand the game in detail, there is a help button at the top right corner of the game area.

There is also a “Winnings” button where the player can see his payouts. The figure keeps changing as you keep playing and keep earning or losing. With this handy table, the player can easily track his earnings in real-time.

The game uses a mask of the dead, which is a symbol of a statue from ancient Egypt and also a scarab. It also has an adventurer who can make maximum profits. There is a scatter in the form of Book of Ra, which is an ancient and valuable Egyptian leather-covered book. You can activate ten examples by listing three or more books on the pay-line. You can also use the scatter as a wildcard to replace all other symbols. Other items include letter A, K, Q, J and number 10. To win the game, one needs at least two identical symbols on the winning line from the scarab, statue, face mask to the adventurer. Except for the adventurer, the profit from the game is less than the stake. Hence, players generally look for having at least three or more identical symbols on the winning line. Moreover, symbols are only counted from the left to right direction, and no other combination is possible. So only if the symbols lie on rollers 1,2,3, you will end up with gaining no symbols of roller 3,4,5.

Gambling feature

The gambling feature is a speciality of the Novomatic software. The player has a chance to double up his profits through gambling. The gambling feature needs the nerves of steel as the chances of winning and losing are 50:50. In the gambling feature, a hidden card is displayed to the player, and he has to choose between the black or the red card as the next card. Upon revealing the card, if the decision is right, the profit doubles and if it is wrong, the player loses all his profits.

The deluxe version of Book of Ra has an option of 10th profit line, which increases the chances of the player making profits. Rest of all the features and functions of the game are the same, even though the graphics are slightly different. Some variants also have 6th roller instead of 5 to provide a variety and make the game even more exciting. The additional roller can be activated or deactivated whenever required.

Tips & Tricks

There is no perfect strategy for winning in Book of Ra. It is often dependent on the player’s commitment and risk capability. It is always advisable to increase your bet after losing games continuously, as there are chances of recovering your losses in one go. Those who can’t take many risks should go for the lower bet amounts so that they can have several twists with them. Avoid gambling function and play with fewer profit lines.

For the high-risk takers, the fortune gamble mode should be activated to double up profits. They can also activate Book of Ra Deluxe and the 6th roll to increase their profits. Are you looking to play Book of Ra? There are plenty of casino sites with bonus codes such as, where you can try it out!