Online Sports Betting Bonuses Explained

The latest innovation in sports betting has made it available 24/7, all around the world. Of course, certain legal restrictions are depending on the country, but sports betting sites are ready to take over any new market as it opens.

betting bonus

They tend to pay a lot of attention to the customer satisfaction aspect of their business. Therefore, they provide their users with many offers, promotions, and above all, bonuses. Although conditions may vary from one to the other, most sites are consistent in the types of bonuses they offer.

Welcome Bonuses

Because sites award first-time users with it, it is also known as a sign-up bonus. It is usually strikingly marked on the respective homepage and aims to attract as many new bettors to the site as possible.

This bonus works the same way on most sites. Namely, once you’ve set up an account and placed a deposit, the bookmakers award you with extra betting money, usually a certain percentage of the size of your initial deposit. Thus, most of them award 30% to 50%, while there are sites which will give you 100% of your initial deposit.

Free Bets

This offer is quite frequent and varied, as it applies for most betting site users instead of just a limited target group. As the name suggests, online bookmakers try to entice as many bettors by giving away free opportunities to place a bet.

Some sites offer free bets with certain restrictions regarding the games you can play or the amount you can win, while others have a more liberal approach. Still, there are great offers out there.

Loyalty Programs

Despite aiming at potential users, online betting sites also try to maintain good customer relationships with their regular users. In this regard, they offer a variety of loyalty programs, specifically dedicated to this group of bettors.

While some may choose the bettors randomly, by looking over your account history, others tend to set specific parameters. In such a case, you are most likely expected to place a specific number of bets at set odds.

Wagering Requirements

As perfect as it sounds, these offers come with certain restrictions. Primarily, you need to fit the user profile that bookmakers intended the bonus for.

For welcome bonuses especially, there is something known as a rollover, which requires the user to bet several times the amount of their original deposit + bonus before they can withdraw any profits. So, if they’ve deposited £100 and get 50% welcome bonus, they have an initial amount of £150. With a 5x rollover requirement, they would need to spend £150×5=£750 before any withdrawals.

Some bookmakers even go as far as to limit the types of games you can bet on to reach this wagering requirement.